-Adam Caverly

Thank you for caring, helpful, and thoughtful care of my mother. You watched out for her, and I can’t thank you enough. She sounds like she took a 360° turn in a few hours! She likes the place. She said the people are great. You never could’ve imagined how great it is. And she should’ve done it a while ago. Our experience with you and your team has exceeded expectations, and I will most certainly send anyone I come across looking to buy/sell a home in your direction. Thanks for checking in, and I'm sure we will speak soon.

-From the Calderon family

Timothy has been the best realtor we have ever worked with! He is extremely thorough and will walk you through the entire process step by step! We appreciated his guidance so much. He also gave us excellent tips to make our home more attractive to the buyers and gave other recommendations as needed. Tim is very responsive whenever you need him and detailed when you have any questions. We enjoyed and appreciated all the guidance given to us, the effort put into his work, and all the help we received to sell our home. Tim is quick and efficient and is fantastic at what he does! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Tim! I definitely and highly recommend working with Timothy Kinzler if you decide to sell your home. Timothy, we can't thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication!

-Alan K., Client

Thank you for all the time you have taken to reach out to us about homes for sale. You are an ultimate professional who exceeds your client's expectations. Please know that you will be the realtor we (or anyone else) need in the future. Thank you again, Denise "Thank you very much, Tim. You’ve been great! I’ve really enjoyed working with you, and I look forward to seeing you soon!"

-Susan & Howard Rotun, Friend

"Tim is a very hard-working individual who always makes himself available to his clients and has a world of patience. He is not a “pushy salesman,” which is what we liked about him most. He found us a buyer in a matter of weeks. And, because he only showed us move-in homes, we could make a decision pretty quickly and do both closings a day apart. Tim Kinzler is probably the most professional businessman that I have ever met! "

-Deon J, Client

"We can't thank you enough for all you have done. We are so pleased that you can sell our home so quickly! Thank you for being so available to us. I know we had a lot of questions, and you always made the time for us. Your suggestions for getting our home ready were successful, and your ability to negotiate gave us more money than planned. We are very grateful."

-Mike K., Client

"Tim was a personal training client of mine when I was a trainer at Life Time Fitness. He was one of the most driven and positive people I've worked with, and those attributes have transferred to his real estate profession. Tim was my natural choice when it was time to purchase my condo. I recommend Tim to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home."

-Deon Johansen, Client

"Tim Kinzler did a wonderful job selling my home. He was available to answer all my questions and give expert advice before I decided to sell my home. Once I decided to move forward, Tim was there for me every step of the way. His attention to detail allowed me to prepare my home for the sale. I wanted a quick sale, and I received one. The house sold on the first day! I am very pleased with Tim's professional yet personal demeanor and his expertise in the real estate business. "

-Ron W., Client

"Tim Kinzler, thank you. We have a lot of respect for the businesses you have built."

-Carin F., Client

"Tim Kinzler is amazing! I have a deal with him right now. He has been incredible."

-Rick Robinson, Client

"Thanks for all of your help. You are a pro!"

Diane F, Colleague

"What a great job you did! My clients are raving about your knowledge and organizational skills. Kudos to you!"

-Kate, Client

"Thank you, Tim! You did an amazing job today, and you were highly organized. She cannot stop discussing the opportunity and moving forward with this potential property. Thanks again for your time and input."

-Paul and Theresa T, Client

"Thank you so much for sending us listings that become available as well. We appreciate all that you have been doing for us! "

-Marsha G., Other

"Tim Kinzler, you are a true professional!! Working with you is always a pleasure for me and my team!"

-Donna R., Client

"Tim, for your exceptional service. I surely understand why you are a millions-plus agent!"

-Carin, Colleague

"My clients are very lucky to have you. I have to say I’ve done a lot of referrals, and you are already the best one I’ve ever worked with because you have kept me updated so much."

-Anonymous, Client

"Tim did a great job helping my sister and I with the sale of our family townhome. He was attentive, thorough, professional beyond belief, and always positive. He is an excellent person to have on your side, guiding you through a process that almost certainly features the most expensive item you will ever purchase. "

-Jeffrey D., Client

"I am writing this to commend Timothy Kinzler for his professionalism as a realtor and for allowing me to easily transition from California to Florida. Upon flying here from California in September, Tim had approximately 15 homes scheduled to see in a two day period. He totally did his homework using my likes and dislikes. The two days were very well spent. Throughout the process, it became apparent that with the years of experience Tim have that I made the right choice. He was there for me during all preliminary paperwork, all of the inspections, escrow demands, and the final closing. I feel very lucky to have connected with Timothy and commend him for all his efforts on my behalf. I have and will continue to offer him recommendations to future clients who may be insecure about using a realtor or just are new to the area. It certainly did help that Tim grew up in Boca Raton and was twice President of the Realtors Association. The professionalism comes through."

-Margaret, Client

"Phone interview is better yet. Tim, I have renamed you, Tim,the miracle worker. Estate sale ended today; time to regroup and relax the rest of the day. Hope you are having a nice weekend too."

-Marissa, Client

"Tim Kinzler, He’s always positive, great with communication and will help you in any way. With over 20 years of experience, Tim knows all of Florida with tons of knowledge."

-Abdah, Client

"I must say your professionalism during this process is not only admirable but inspiring. Thanks so much for everything!"

-Jeff, Client

"Dear Tim, Thank you very much for a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday. I'm so glad you could see the house and it will look better when I get some pictures and mirrors up in the near future. Thank you for the friendship and the true professional job that you did to find me a place I love so far away from my lifelong home base. Cheers Jeff"

-Rob and Marge, Client

"So my wife just sent this to my kids -"So I am 38,000 feet up in the air, heading to Huston from Boston, and Dad just told me all the paperwork went through, and WE OWN THE BEACH HOUSE BABY!! WOOOTWOOOT!!!!!!!!!! I thought with all the hard work and effort that your team put into this crazy transaction that, you might get some sort of comfort in the fact that there is happiness and joy, no matter how much mud was thrown into the water by factors none of us had control over. Thank you, sincerely."

-Rick and Lanee, Client

"No problems at all...all good and couldn't be happier :) I love the neighborhood, and the neighbors are awesome! We've been invited to dinner twice, offered an air mattress on loan, and a barbeque this weekend! Queenie has two friends now as well. Seriously, we couldn't be happier!"

-Adam, Client

"Our experience with you and your team has exceeded expectations, and I will most certainly send anyone that I come across who is looking to buy/sell a home in your direction. "

-M., Client

"Hi Tim I close on the house today I just want to thank you so much for all your help I'm very grateful I don't know what to say I'm very emotional thank you again !!!"