-Jeffrey D., Client

"I am writing this to commend Timothy Kinzler for his professionalism as a realtor and for allowing me to easily transition from California to Florida. Upon flying here from California in September, Tim had approximately 15 homes scheduled to see in a two day period. He totally did his homework using my likes and dislikes. The two days were very well spent. Throughout the process, it became apparent that with the years of experience Tim have that I made the right choice. He was there for me during all preliminary paperwork, all of the inspections, escrow demands, and the final closing. I feel very lucky to have connected with Timothy and commend him for all his efforts on my behalf. I have and will continue to offer him recommendations to future clients who may be insecure about using a realtor or just are new to the area. It certainly did help that Tim grew up in Boca Raton and was twice President of the Realtors Association. The professionalism comes through."