Time to Sell: Clean, Clear and Under Control

Selling a house is stressful enough without having to worry about stray toys getting in your realtor’s way. But when you have kids, you have messes. Here are a few no-nonsense ways to keep your home clean, clear and under control until it’s sold.


Two words: storage unit 

One option is to put excess items in storage. Putting your items in storage while your house or condo is on the market will eliminate the potential for many messes. Infrequently used clothes, toys, books, kitchen appliances and knickknacks should all be stowed away safely and preferably already packed for transport.


Get creative with your in-home storage

It would be unfair to take all of the kids’ toys away so you’ll have to get creative in how you keep their cherished treasures out from under foot. One of the best ways we’ve seen to do just that is by using an empty bean bag chair for stuffed animal storage. There are plenty of other ways toorganize toys while still providing easy access.


Enlist the cavalry

By cavalry, we mean your entire family. Even the youngest kids can pitch in where household chores are concerned. Children in the preschool category can pick up their own toys, match socks, hang towels, and clean the floors. From about third grade, children can do some of the same work as an adult, excluding tasks that involve chemicals, tools or sharp objects. Focus on the Family outlines age-appropriate chores.


Get into a routine

Today’s real estate market is a fast-paced environment. This means you can wake up with no showing scheduled and have a full lineup of viewings by lunch. Unfortunately, you won’t always have time to sweep through the home before potential buyers arrive on site. Get into a cleaning routine and make sure your home is in tiptop shape before you walk out the door for the day. Make a habit of making the beds, clearing the counters of dirty dishes and wiping down your hard surfaces. Sweep and mop and ensure dirty laundry is where it belongs. If you’re home and have a few minutes before a showing, just make sure you open curtains to let light into your home, and remove any odors.


Watch what you eat

No, this isn’t diet advice but you do need to pay attention to the food that hits your oven when your home is on the market. Certain foods, although subjectively delicious, can leave a lingering scent that will make a bad impression. These include collard greens, Brussels sprouts, fish, and deviled eggs. Microwave popcorn is also a known offender. If you must have salmon for dinner, make sure to leave the windows open so the breeze can blow away odors. On the other hand, a platter of cookies, coffee and cupcakes will leave a pleasant aroma and make a great conversation piece that will subconsciously tell your buyers they’ve found their home.


Don’t forget the family pet

Your dog is just as much a part of your family as everyone else but, just as you are expected to leave the home during the showing, your pets should also vacate the premises. Put your children in charge of keeping a small bag at the ready for your pampered pooch. This should contain a leash, a few treats and water for on the go. You can also put your pup in daycare for the day. This will usually cost you $30 – $40 a day.


Remember, clear the clutter and make sure everyone lends a hand in keeping your house clean, neat and organized. Avoid cooking messy and smelly foods, as you never know when you’ll need to vacate on short notice.

This article is written by our guest writer Kristin Louis. It was the first time for her and her husband to go through the home selling process since having their kids and they want to share their experience in keeping their home spotless and clutter-free for showings.

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